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Why choose us to orchestrate the Lifecycle of your PCs ?

Control the eligibility of your estate

Our Refresh Insight PC (RIPC) software gives you a clear and dynamic view of the eligibility of your workplaces, based on software, hardware or organisational criteria completely customizable. You can then plan your upgrade rings to keep up with Windows and applications lifecycle!

Be agile and flexible for every upgrade

Define your processes in a simple and intuitive manner, then hand over to RIPC to orchestrate automatically these processes and trigger user communication as well as device update tasks. The software integrates into your existing environment, with no additional agent to be deployed on devices.

Enhance both user and business experience

RIPC is focused on the end user experience, with a communication customized per persona, a Self-Service portal to choose his upgrade timeslot, always with respect to the constraints defined by the IT. Business organizations have a way to validate the eligibility of their applications for every new wave of Windows upgrade.

Control the successive upgrades
to stay Evergreen

Face the Modern Workplace challenges with an industrial solution focused on user satisfaction.


In addition to Refresh Insight PC, our customers also appreciate our other deployment solutions to benefit from all advantages of Microsoft Modern Workplace by always being up to date!

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