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Why choose us to move your files and shares to Office 365?

A proper prepare for the migration of your documents

With Refresh Insight Share & Drive (RISD), analyze the usages and the properties of your documents to get a clear of the context and decide the right migration strategy according to the best practices.

Interact with the end-users during the deployment

Thanks to the self-service portal and the communication plans, the end-users are automatically kept informed on the processes in progress and become actors of their migration by choosing the migration date under the control of the IT.

Meet the deadline of your project

After the assessment of the documents, RISD supports you to plan the migrations considering the technical and organizational constraints.

Secure the migration of the documents towards the right targets

RISD checks the compliancy of your documents before the automation of the migration itself using the Microsoft APIs.

  • Files servers, shares

  • One Drive For Business

  • Sharepoint Online

  • Office 365 groups

  • Teams

In addition to Refresh Insight Share & Drive (RISD), our customers also appreciate our other deployment solutions to benefit from all advantages of Microsoft Modern Workplace by always being up to date!

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