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Why choose us to migrate messaging archives ?

Delegate the migration of the local archives to end-users

With Arch To PST (ATP) for Notes, relieve the migration of the local archives from the IT workload and let the end-users convert their archives to PST format and mount them in their Outlook profile.

Onboard your local archives to your new mailbox

Use Refresh Archives Onboarding Assistant (AOA), so the end-users can discover, select and centralize the local archives they wish to migrate, while respecting the quotas set by the deployment IT teams.

Effective and seamless

The conversion of NFS files by Arch To PST are carried out with an average rate of 1.5GB/hour. The centralization of the archives by Archives Onboarding Assistant (AOA) is done with an optimized management of the available bandwidth to limit the impact for the end-user.

The right tool for each scenario

To convert or migrate your local/servers archives,

our set of tools handles the NSF and PST archives.

  • NSF, PST

  • PST, Exchange onpremise/online archive mailbox

In addition to Arch to PST and Archives onboarding Assistant, our customers also appreciate our other deployment solutions to benefit from all advantages of Microsoft Modern Workplace by always being up to date!

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