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Why choose us to migrate an Office tenant  ?

Help discover objects to be migrated

Our Refresh Insight Office 365 (RIO 365) software interfaces with the Office 365 source tenant to discover existing objects (Teams, sites, mailboxes and more!), help define the scope of the project and collect the information needed to migrate to the targeted Office 365 tenant

​Interact with users throughout the migration project

Thanks to the planning portal and the communication plans, users are kept informed of the processes in progress and become actors in their migration, for example by choosing the date of their migration under the control of the teams in charge of the deployment.

Custom-made processes

The migration of an Office 365 tenant can be performed applying different strategies. Rely on our customizable processes to automate and execute project specific tasks, such as prestaging, rebranding, migration of domain and permissions.

Orchestrate your Office 365 tenant to tenant migration from start to finish

Our RIO 365 software features one unified deployment Dashboard to define and monitor

your migration processes to Exchange Online and One Drive for Business, Sharepoint Online and Teams, with a user-centric approach.

In addition to our RIO 365 software for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration, our customers also appreciate our other deployment solutions to benefit from all advantages of Microsoft Modern Workplace by always being up to date!

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