Why choose us for your Windows 10 deployment

Provide a simple and unified dashboard to your teams

he Refresh Insight PC (RIPC) solution offers a single pane of glass for your central or regional teams, to schedule, monitor, take actions and produce reports on the rollout of the workplaces they are responsible for.

Leverage your tools and infrastructures already in place

No agent to be deployed on the devices, RIPC relies on your existing environment to collect and consolidate the information from different sources, then orchestrate the rollout technical tasks through Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Facilitate making appointment with users

You migrate to Windows 10 at the pace of onsite PC replacement or reimaging? RIPC supports these scenarios and can help you to optimize technician interventions and facilitate the appointments with the end users.

Accelerate your Windows 10 migration
using orchestration software

Control the rollout delays and costs, while improving the experience of user, business and IT!

In addition to Refresh Insight PC, our customers also appreciate our other deployment solutions to benefit from all advantages of Microsoft Modern Workplace by always being up to date!

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