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Why choose us to migrate your MDM to Microsoft Intune ?

Provide a complete and unified deployment Dashboard to your teams

Our software provides a single pane of glass for your central or regional teams, to schedule, monitor, take actions on the enrolment of the devices from the legacy Mobile Device Management system to Microsoft Intune.

Facilitate the scheduling and execution of the migration

Leverage the self service capabilities of our software to meet the deadlines of the project, reduce scheduling tasks burden and let the users select a suitable timeslot for the transition to Microsoft Intune.

Our software will execute communication plans to inform and provide assistance to the users all along the migration process.

Leverage the tools and infrastructures already in place

No agent to be deployed on the devices. Our software relies on your existing MDM and environments to collect and consolidate used to orchestrate the rollout of the deployment. The built-in workflow of our software will automatically execute the migration tasks according to customized processes and timelines.

Industrialise the enrolment of mobile devices to Microsoft Intune

Enhance the experience of the users and IT teams, by leveraging the automation capabilities of our software for the preparation of the deployment and execution of the communication and the migrations tasks.

In addition, our customers also appreciate our other deployment software to benefit from all advantages of Microsoft 365 by always being up to date!

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