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Why choose us ?

To deliver an Evergreen Microsoft Workspace

Orchestrate the deployment of successive waves of Windows 10 and Office Pro Plus updates. Introduce the new Office 365 services. Deliver innovation to users. Migrate from Office 365 tenants to Office 365 tenants. Deliver a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams, One Drive Enterprise, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

For a user centric experience of deployments and

Deliver an end user focused approach of Windows 10 and Office 365 deployments. Run profile or team communication countdowns, perfectly synchronized with technical migration tasks. Conduct post-migration satisfaction surveys or in preparation for the next wave of deployments to come. Provide access to a self-planning portal, under the control of IT. Minimizing the impact of migration.

To take into account business requirements

Roll out new versions of Windows in waves. Allow business application experts to validate compatibility before large-scale deployments. Deliver an application knowledge base tailored to the specific needs of the business.

To secure poject timelines and costs

Consolidate the analysis of the current system in place (messaging, share, PC, archives) to anticipate the necessary remediation before deployment. Determine optimal migration strategies. Take into account technical and organizational constraints. Increase the productivity of deployment teams. Make it easier to take appointments with users. For PC replacement as well as for software upgrades and updates

To adapt to existing environments and prefered architectures

Leverage technical tools already deployed in the Enterprise : Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Compatible with Email migration by the Microsoft Fast Track Center. Consolidate information from a variety of sources: inventory tools, analytics, SQL Server databases. Adapt to secured environments and selected architectures : On Premise, Cloud, Hybrid.

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